Hoggin pathways, North Wraxhall, Chippenham

“Hoggin” Pathway Design & Build

An established client that we have been working with for over 7 years required a hard standing pathway around the large garden area for the kids to ride their bikes and basically have a lot of fun.

We created an oval circuit making the best use of the large area available through the Willow trees and back towards the house. The area was lit up with sensor lighting so that even the early winter nights couldn’t stop the kids having fun on their bikes.

The area was dug out and then a tough landscaping membrane laid throughout the pathway. We then edged the pathway with pressure treated timbers, pegged in place. Next, a 6inch deep sub base was laid and well compacted and finally the Hoggin was raked out and compacted with a roller and whacker plate to give a tough self binding, self draining buff coloured pathway for everyone to enjoy.

Hoggin is a self binding gravel that offers a cheaper alternative for large parking or pathway areas in both residential and commercial settings.