Courtyard garden with vaulted porch in Bellevue, Clifton

Our client wanted to make the most of the beautiful vaulted arch ways in her basement garden and in turn add value to her property.

Incastone’s mission was  to rejuvenate the outdoor space and open up the archways to allow light into the apartment and provide better access to the community gardens beyond.
We  relayed the flagstones on the terrace above the courtyard garden and then turned our attentions to the Arches.

We knocked through the left hand arch and then built piers either side of the arch to hold the weight of the new arch way opening. Using a timber forma we constructed a new stone arch between the newly built piers.

Both arches were cleaned and repointed where necessary and then arches and basement exterior walls painted with a white textured masonry paint.

New Indian sandstone paving was laid on the floor of the vault and out into the community garden.

The original rear doorway was blocked up and re-faced with stone to create a storage shed.

Retaining dry stone walls were built to create raised planting beds and the outside space was landscaped and seeded with grass seed.