Orchard Cottage, Chippenham

This property is located on the A370 close to Chippenham.

The garden of the property slopes down from the road and incorporates a driveway and parking area.

The main objective of this project was to build a 2 metre boundary wall on top of the existing wall that retains the road. This wall would then reduce traffic noise coming into the garden and greatly improve security for the property.

The house had recently been enlarged with a new extension built out of the local Cotswold building stone. We sourced similar stone for the wall in keeping with the style of the property using a variety of light Grey and Cotswold Buff chopped stone built in a random pattern. The mortar consisted of three parts local yellow grit sand, one part building sand and cement – all sourced locally.

In total we used over 16 tonnes of building stone, over 200 Concrete blocks that acted as in-fill and over 12 Tonnes of sand with the project taking 4 weeks to complete.

There are some interesting features to be noted, including the large supporting buttress that adds to the overall look of the wall and connects the lower level garden to the upper drive level and the arched doorway that connects back and front gardens together beautifully.

The client is now going to install electronic wooden gates attached to the piers and custom build a wooden door to fit the arched doorway therefore completing the front entrance of this listed cottage.