Redland Road, Bristol. New driveway using reclaimed granite cobbles.

Our client had found a source for black granite cobbled setts in the Midlands and wanted to lay these throughout his driveway and front pathway.

The tarmac drive was removed and taken away in skips and the sub base lowered and prepared for the laying of these beautiful reclaimed cobble setts.

The 20 Tonnes of cobbles arrived by lorry and were stored at the Incastone yard just below Dundry. We brought the cobbles to site in 3 Tonne loads as space on site was tight and we didn’t want to ruin the clients lawn with 20 tonnes of cobbles strewn everywhere.

We laid a running bond perimeter of cobbles and then cobbles width ways in a running bond. We installed a Pennant step within the driveway at the front door to add a feature, the step was discovered in the rear garden and put to good use.

Current regulations do not allow water run off from a newly created driveway to fall onto the pavement and road so we next installed a soak away to the left of the driveway and galvanised channel drains to direct the water into this soak away.

We built a retaining wall to hold up the front lawn. The wall was built from concrete blocks on the upright and Pennant building stone tied into the retaining wall with steel wall ties and weep holes placed at regular intervals. We also coped the wall in Bath stone coping manufactured and sourced locally.

To compliment the driveway and add continuity we designed and built a new pathway to the front of house using the same cobbles and reclaimed Pennant steps.

Since completion our client has received many compliments from neighbours and people walking past the house in Redland.

Natural cobbled driveways look amazing, add value and compliment period properties beautifully.

If you are interested in a new driveway please contact us to arrange a meeting and we we can bring along an array of cobble samples to whet your appetite. We can also arrange site visits to past projects if required.