Reedley Road, Stoke Bishop

We were asked to re-design and transform the front of house entrance way, front side and rear gardens.

We laid a Hoggin compacted gravel on the front garden and replaced the front Tarmac driveway with reclaimed granite cobbles. These cobbles were once laid outside the Lloyds ampitheatre and had been there for over 200 years. Brunel may have walked over them as have many traders, slaves, sailors and past dignitaries.

The cobbles were laid on a bed of stonedust/sand and cement and watered in. They were pointed with a dry mix of black sand and cement brushed in.

The side garden was transformed with the old tarmac area removed and replaced with Raj Green Indian sandstone paving. Channel drains and new hopper drains were installed to aid drainage and a planting area was dug to add colour and texture.

New Jackson’s fencing was installed at the rear of the property and further Indian Sandstone paving was laid to provide a private area to sit and relax and entertain friends and family.

New outdoor lighting was installed creating a lovely atmosphere and added security for the property.

The front brick walls were repaired and repointed and the copings relaid. We relaid the front mosaic tiles on the porch area bringing the front of house back to its original 1930’s splendour.