Clifton High School, Clifton. New entrance steps, Cobbled pathways and Flagstone paving

Front of house makeover to include new grand entrance steps, cobbled winding  pathways and a new boundary stonewall (Sept 2017)

Our client had recently renovated the front of the buildings interior and wanted to create a brand new entranceway with grand Welsh pennant steps and new pathways linking the entranceway to the main pedestrian / vehicle access point.

Incastone were tasked with building the new steps using beautiful sawn pennant stone sourced from a quarry based in the Forest of Dean. We also laid over 45sqm of tumbled Indian sandstone cobbles and a section of Pennant flagstones near the main entrance to the school.

A new boundary wall was built to screen the school storage area and new reconstituted bath stone coping’s were used to cope the wall with two swan neck curve sections included.

The project was undertaken during the school holidays and everyone was very pleased with the finished look once the new school term began.